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Cloud Retail X is a leading sales, marketing and service CRM for all retail businesses. It is a fully stacked and customized tool with advanced features that suits every business vertical. It is a one stop solution for with a gammot of features viz. Billing & Invoicing, Inventory, SKU Management, Marketing Automation, Expenses Management, CRM, Point of Sale and much more...

Who We Are

A comprehensive software that can help manage all crucial functions of your business with great ease and speed. It brings together all key roles in the organization onto a single platform making it easy and convenient for the decison makers to analyze and measure performance at any given point in time.

Cloud Retail X is built using the most advanced technology and keeping in mind the day to day hurdles faced by businesses in managing and monitoring their staff, workload, vendors and even finances. It comes with gamified dashboards which displays the progress on a real-time basis.It gives the ability to generate customized reports in a matter of few clicks and allows you to manage all marketing activities from within the tool.

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